Dear reader, On a beautiful summer evening, I was walking on the road for pleasure. It was part of me making my cardiovascular system perform better.

Life is a damn hard place. I've problems and they are average compared to rest of the world.

I'm a patient of ABPA, a rare disease caused by infection of Aspergillus - a very common part of our clean air. Almost 99% people are good with it. But no me. I get my lungs congested while breathing nice oxygen, WTF! It is only manageable and not preventable.

Because this needs immune suppressant drugs to manage its expansion, it exposes you to other thousand allergies - Cold, skin, eyes and many more.

The good thing, it will not kill me anytime soon.

Which also means you have got a lot of other things to live with and treat them while fighting the demons like prednisone, the magic drug.

For not getting exposed to fresh air, I stay in my room and only get out in the early morning.

You can call it an excuse to not doing anything and sitting all day in a room playing and writing on the internet. But its fine. I'll get sick anyway.

But it has its own perks. It gives me freedom of self-experimentation. I try various recommended remedies and hack to treat me faster.

Some work and some don't.

This blog is about me reading and letting you know what works and what doesn't, at least for me.

Anything that is published here is tried with the humble and rewarding process of trial and error.

I write answers in two forms, Short form and long form. The short form is an answer to a very specific question and long form for a detailed guide about a drug or a disease.

Other things I like sharing are the answers to questions from daily life. They can be unrelated to health. You can call them just for fun part but they will be helpful and to the point, I promise. Plus I'm obsessed with new innovations in the science, its something I read and explain to people if it is out of the box or groundbreaking.

This is what I write for. hope, It will make your life a bit easier.

Thanks for coming,


Jean Vigo